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This agreement describes the responsibilities of ARDC and ARDC participants in the provision and use of IGSN identifiers through the ARDC International GeoSample Number (IGSN) service. Background

The ARDC IGSN minting service enables users to mint and assign IGSN identifiers to physical samples associated with research. ARDC is one of four IGSN allocating agents in Australia.  Others are Geoscience Australia, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and Curtin University. The software underpinning the service is a customised version of the IGSN software developed by CSIRO.

Users of the ARDC IGSN Service should understand that ARDC does not manage persistent identifiers; ARDC only provides the infrastructure that allows minting, resolution and updating of IGSN identifiers. Processes and policies need to be put in place by those utilising the product to ensure that appropriate maintenance practices underpin persistence.  Users of the service are expected to have automated methods to both mint and update identifiers (IGSN); this service also includes a GUI interface.

ARDC Responsibilities

You can expect that:

  • We (ARDC) will endeavour to provide a high availability service.
  • We (ARDC) will endeavour to persist ARDC IGSN Identifiers for a minimum of twenty years.
  • We (ARDC) will provide documentation on any new features or changes to this service via

Participant Responsibilities

ARDC expects that: 

  • You are part of the higher education, public research or cultural collections sector and that at least some of the objects you are identifying are publicly available or will eventually become publicly available.
  • You are authorised and entitled to enter into this agreement and to mint and manage the IGSN for the objects you intend to identify.

  • You will provide the minimum set of metadata in order to mint an IGSN. You should note that providing additional descriptive metadata will increase the potential for discovery, reuse and citation of the registered sample.
  • You will endeavour to keep the sample being identified, and associated metadata, updated and curated through the research lifecycle.
  • You understand that this metadata is available to the general public and that confidential material should not be stored in these fields.
  • You will take responsibility for liaison with any party who has queries regarding the IGSN's that you mint. (ARDC does not provide help desk services for end-users of  the IGSN or link rot checking.)
  • You understand that ARDC does not manage the IGSNs nor the samples they identify; it only provides the infrastructure to allow minting, resolution and updating of IGSN's. It is the responsibility of the user who minted an IGSN to ensure it is kept resolvable, and the metadata associated with an IGSN is current.

Warranty and Liability

ARDC provides the IGSN Service without warranty or liability. ARDC does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage which results from the use of this product. 

ARDC IGSN service is underpinned and reliant on the IGSN services provided by IGSN e.V. and Handle services provided by the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI). ARDC cannot warrant the longevity or reliability of IGSN e.V. or the Handle system.


The allocation of a persistent identifier to research content does not include any transfer or assignment of ownership of any Intellectual Property right (IPR) with regard to that content. The metadata related to the persistent identifier is public information, and you permit ARDC to use it in its systems and to relay it throughout the global Handles system


This Agreement will become effective at the date of signature and will continue unless terminated. Either party may terminate this agreement by providing the other 3 months' party notice, in writing, of an intention to do so.  Termination will be effective after the expiration of the 3 month notice period.


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