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Date            Change history
26 Oct 2010First publication
24 Jan 2011Corrected RIF-CS examples to reflect required sequence of elements; added link to Datacite examples page
13 July 2011Additional information about exporting citation information
21 July 2011Removed link to now-deleted DataCite examples page
21 Nov 2011Added information about new publisher element introduced with RIF-CS v1.3.0, amended examples to include publisher, added definitions for date vocabulary
29 Nov 2011Added link to information about URL displays for identifiers
30 Nov 2011

Corrected date type in second RIF-CS example (was "year", now "date")

10 Oct 2012Removed "initial" name parts from xml examples
19 Nov 2012Updated to reflect changes endorsed by RAB to align this element with the DataCite schema
12 Dec 2013Added information to the Best Practice and Use in Research Data Australia sections.
15 July 2014Added information about exporting Research Data Australia records to EndNote.
06 Sep 2018Added information about ordering of parties in the citation pop-out in Research Data Australia.
1 Mar 2019Updated Full Citation XML example to reflect current DataCite schema requirements (v4.1). Updated link to DataCite citation format.
30 Oct 2019Updated the advice regarding the display order of parties in the citation pop-out in Research Data Australia (R34)