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Each time a collection in your data source is published to Research Data Australia (RDA) with a new RIF-CS registryObject group attribute, the system auto generates and publishes a basic contributor page for you with a title based on the literal of the group attribute.


  • Once your contributor page is generated you can use the Contributor Page CMS in RDA to embellish your page with additional content and a logo. 
    • If you choose to add a logo it will be displayed in the title section of all your records and also be used on the 'Who Contributes to Research Data Australia' page in RDA. 
    • For more information on customising your contributor page please refer to the Customisation section of this document.
  • No additional work is required to link all your records to your contributor page in RDA. A link pointing to the contributor page will be auto populated in the title section of your records which share the same group attribute.