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Include links to related information which provide research context for understanding the registry object being described.  For  For example, adding a related publication to a collection object can provide rich contextual information to support data reuse.


As Research Data Australia is primarily a collections registry, it is preferred that a RegistryObject be created to describe collections. However, consider whether you need to create a RegistryObject for parties. Research Data Australia treats parties linked via RelatedObject or RelatedInfo in almost exactly the same way (: the indexing and display of names are equivalent; however, an advantage of using RelatedObject is that reverse links are generated from the Party Object, allowing all collections related to that Party to be displayed when a Party name is clicked on (this functionality will hopefully be available with RelatedInfo links in a future release). The advantage of using RelatedInfo is that it is the simplest (and most sustainable) way to link parties to collections, activities and services is by using RelatedInfo with a globally unique persistent identifier (preferably an ORCID or NLA Party identifier).

Whichever option is chosen, contributors are strongly encouraged to provide a globally unique persistent identifier such as a DOI, ORCID or PURL in their records. Identifiers support a linked data approach that enables relationships between resources to be identified and displayed in Research Data Australia regardless of the source of the record.


Code Block
titleRelatedInfo of type Type "service"
<relatedInfo type="service">
 <title>Marine Virtual Laboratory Information System</title>
 <identifier type="uri"></identifier>
 <relation type="presents"><url></url></relation>
 <notes>Provides visualisation of data with changes to parameters supported</notes>
Code Block
titleRelatedInfo of Type "party"
<relatedInfo type="party">
 <title>Ross Wilkinson</title>
 <identifier type="orcid"></identifier>
 <relation type="hasCollector"></relation>
Code Block
titleRelatedInfo of Type "publication"
<relatedInfo type="publication">
 <title>Turbulence measurements in estuarine systems</title>
 <identifier type="uri"></identifier>
 <relation type="isCitedBy"></relation>
 <notes>Smith, J.(2013) Turbulence measurements in estuarine systems. Journal of Water Quality, vol.2, pp.2-9</notes>
Code Block
titleRelatedInfo of type Type "metadata"
<relatedInfo type="metadata">
  <title>SMART Metadata System record</title>
  <identifier type="uri"></identifier>
  <notes>This is the ANZLIC version of the record</notes>


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DateChange history
April 2010Consultation draft
26 October 2010RIF-CS v1.2.0 change information added
22 July 2011Added advice to include any related publication citations in the relatedInfo notes element
30 Sept 2011Added clarification that links to https are acceptable, removed obsolete RIF-CS v1.0.1 example, added information about upcoming new types, re-use information and data quality information
21 Nov 2011RIF-CS v1.3.0 related info types added (reuseInformation and dataQualityInformation)
29 Nov 2011Added link to information about URL display
2 Nov 2012Added metadata to RelatedInfo Type list
26 Jul 2013

Added more information about metadata type including an xml example

26 Nov 2013Information about the changes associated with RIF-CS v.1.5.0 added: RIF-CS v1.5.0 expanded the intended usage of the relatedInfo element to include activities, collections, parties and services. This option allows for the linking of a registry object to a related resource using an identifier, as an alternative to creating a new registry object for the related resource. Also the addition of RIF-CS "relation" as a sub-element; the additon of Relation Types and the addition of new Related Information Types for activity, collection, party and service.
21 Nov 2014Added information and example to demonstrate linking to a data collection within a related service
26 Nov 2015Added provenance as type. Introduced with Release 18.
17 July 2017Content completely reviewed and updated. Updated purpose and best practice to include linking to objects within the RDA Registry.
20 June 2018Updated best practice advice regarding linking resources using relatedInfo vs relatedObject. Added an XML encoding example for a party.