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URLs are displayed as active hyperlinks and on collection view pages, these are accessed via the "Go to Data Provider(s)Access the data" button.

Email and physical addresses display under "Contact Information" in records in Research Data Australia, or on a map in the body of the page if information is provided in the Spatial element.


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DateChange history

April 2010

Consultation draft

26 Oct 2010

With the introduction of RIF-CS v.1.2.0 , the following changes to the location element were made:

  • Telephone and fax numbers are described as part of Physical Address instead of Electronic Address

  • A separate Coverage element is available for describing spatial and temporal coverage

25 Jan 2011

Link to new information about recording locations for services added

15 Feb 2012

Simplified layout and separated content relating to RIF-CS v1.0.1, added advice about XML using location wrapper

18 July 2017

Content reviewed and updated. Advice on recording multiple locations revised.

27 Jul 2018Changed the reference to the "Go to Data Provider(s)" button in RDA to the "Access the data" button.