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RDA Registry

The RDA Registry is a software application for storing and managing the collection descriptions (metadata records) provided to, and displayed, in Research Data Australia. The RDA Registry registers the description of collections; it does not store the collection itself. You retain control over access to items in the collection. Any special access considerations can be included in your collection description.

A Data Source Account for the RDA Registry allows the management of metadata records, including harvester settings, links within Research Data Australia, and direct import or export of records. This account is managed by a Data Source Administrator. If you need access to the RDA Registry, please refer to Getting an Online Services account and How to login to Online Services for more information.

Data Source Administrator role

The Data Source Administrator is responsible for maintaining the administrative information (including contact information) held in the Data Source Account(s), and may also oversee the technical processes of providing metadata to the RDA Registry. 

Managing and maintaining the Data Source includes:

  • ensuring the Data Source profile, including harvester configuration, is correct
  • scheduling harvests for a Data Source
  • testing the harvest process as required
  • monitoring to ensure harvests have not failed.

Data Source Administrators should keep themselves informed about potential changes to the RIF-CS Schema and the implications for their institution by reading the communications from ARDC Services.

Creating records

Most institutions create records in an institutional repository or data store, ideally drawing on information from connected HR and Research Information Systems, and set up an ongoing feed of records that can be regularly harvested, capturing the latest updates. If this is not possible or desirable, records can be created manually in the RDA Registry manual interface.

The RDA Registry requires records to be in RIF-CS schema for ingest. Records can be harvested in RIF-CS, or in another metadata schema used by your institutional repository where subsequent conversion to RIF-CS has been configured. There are a number of metadata crosswalks to RIF-CS available for you to adopt or adapt.