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Suggested schema change

To add another term, “fundref” to the identifier element’s type attribute vocabulary to be used for parties. This identifier will contain the unique number assigned by CrossRef to research funding organisations and maintained in its global FundRef registry.  It is an identifier for parties only and would be used both within a party record object for a funder and within relatedInfo elements whose type is party and relation is “isFundedBy”.

fundref: FundRef  - funder unique ID assigned by Crossref and maintained in its global FundRef registry

Problem this suggestion addresses

The CrossRef organisation, which issues DOI’s for the majority of scientific journal articles, maintains a global taxonomy of research funder names and issues a unique number to each as well as issuing a DOI to each based on this number.  This taxonomy is used by journal publishers who require authors to use this taxonomy when specifying who funded their work. ANDS is encouraging contributors to include the funder(s) and grant(s) when describing research data outputs and all of the Australian funders in the FundRef taxonomy will have a party record in RDA for linking purposes.

To easily identify these parties within RDA the decision has been to record their FundRef identifier. However, as the FundRef identifier is a DOI, that identifier should have the type “doi”.  In addition we would like to record the FundRef number as an identifier of the type ‘fundref’ so that RDA can easily distinguish funders from other parties in RDA.

Here are some examples:

The corresponding identifiers for the party record for the ARC would be:

<identifier type=”doi”></identifier>

<identifier type=”fundref”>501100000923</identifier>

More information about FundRef and their online services and API’s can be found at

Identified by

Monica Omodei – ANDS


RIF-CS schema components affected

registryObject/party/identifier/ @type

Impact on content providers

All party records for funders will be created by ANDS initially with these identifiers. Most funders are not contributors to RDA. Where funders supply grant information to ANDS, more information will be sought describing their grant information in general, how current it is etc. But this will be an update to the existing record.


  • A simple, fast means for identifying the set of funders within RDA
    • Connecting with the global linked research network by using the same funder identifier as publishers use


  • Adding to the already long list of identifier types
    • Requiring two fundref identifier elements instead of one (the fundref number and the doi)


Technical options

  • The vocabs.xml file will need to be amended to include the new definitions.
  • The vocabularies.html will need to be regenerated to reflect the new definitions.

No other technical changes are required as currently the identification of funders is done via static html in the Explore Grants and Projects home page. This is scheduled to be modified into a carousel style list derived from parties which have the proposed identifier type and also are related to at least one Activity record


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