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27 October 2015

Release 17.1 of ANDS Online Services is scheduled for implementation tomorrow, 28 October 2015 between 9:00am and 12:00pm AEDT. 

The following services will experience degraded performance during implementation:

  • Research Data Australia (RDA)
  • Cite My Data (DOI) service
  • Identify My Data (Handle) service
  • Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA)
  • ANDS Registry

Demo soft release will be implemented TODAY, 27 October between 3:00pm to 5:00pm AEDT.

This service release includes a number of RDA, RVA and ANDS Registry bug fixes and minor enhancements:

ANDS Vocabulary Service

  • Implementation of a Demo environment for RVA portal
  • Display enhancements to vocabulary portal (MyVocabs, Vocabulary search, Vocabulary CMS, Add Vocabulary, etc.) user interface such as:
    • Required field visual indicator
    • Display labels for version access point types
    • RVA will now prevent creation of vocabulary slug that already exists in the system
    • Added a link to the RVA service agreement from the 'Add Vocabulary' page
    • Introduction of 'Help' button in the RVA portal
    • 'Owner' field information included in the portal

Research Data Australia

  • Fixed an issue with the Contributor Page's 'Subjects' link which was previously not working

ANDS Registry

  • 'Preview in RDA' will now display maps properly for draft records
  • Corrected display of search links in Theme CMS
  • Removed the old Vocabulary Catalogue from the ANDS Registry menu


  • Included alternative names in SOLR title index

For any comments or questions, please email Thank you.

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