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13 December 2013

ANDS Software Release 11.1 is scheduled for implementation on Tuesday, 17th December 2013, from 08:00 - 12:00pm (ADST).  A soft release to the Demonstration environment will take place on Monday, 16th December.

This service release brings a number of enhancements and fixes to Research Data Australia and the Registry software.

In summary, the following changes will be implemented:ANDS Registry

  • Fixed an issue with the display of Data Source Accounts with long titles in the registry.
  • A 'Preview in RDA' (for Drafts) and 'View in RDA'( for Published)' menu item has been added to the 'More" button on the Manage Records page.
  • An information message has been added to the top of the My Data Sources Page to assist users with access to multiple Data Source Accounts.
  • Fixed the issue where blank existence dates prevented a record from being saved in the Add Record screens.
  • Fixed a bug with the email electronic address validation message only showing occasionally on the Add Record pages.

Research Data Australia

  • Blank elements within records will be prevented from being displayed in Research Data Australia as just labels.
  • Enhancement to the facet sort button and the facet heading in Research Data Australia to make them more obvious or intuitive.
  • The CSIRO Data Licence has been mapped to the 'Non-commercial Licence' facet in Research Data Australia.
  • Minor fixes to the display of Theme Pages in Research Data Australia.
  • Attribution text will now be displayed for images in the Research Data Australia Spotlight on mouse hover. 
  • A user-friendly 404 message has been implemented for missing NHMRC and ARC grants.

System Performance

  • Optimisation of page load performance in  Research Data Australia and the ANDS Registry.

Please schedule your activities accordingly.  A release reminder will be sent out on Tuesday morning.  For any comment or question, please email Thank you.

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