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The Metadata Content Report is intended to assist users in creating rich metadata records that align with guidance around best practice and "metadata for impact". The report is generated for every record that is ingested (harvest or manual entry) into the RDA Registry and is based on a set of automated tests that check if recommended RIF-CS elements are populated. Each record's metadata report information is then made available via a report icon on the Manage Records page.

To quickly assess a record's Metadata Content Report without viewing the complete record:

  1. Hover your mouse over the report icon  for the record you're interested in.
  2. A popup box will be displayed. Metadata recommendations which have been met will be shaded green.
  3. To close the popup box, click the close button shown in the top right-hand corner, or move your mouse pointer until it is outside the bounds of the concertina box. The box will disappear after a short delay.
Metadata Content Report for a Collection on the Manage My Records page

All records being harvested or manually added to the registry require a title and a type (e.g. Collection of type dataset). Collections will also be required to have a description. This means that records without a name/title or (for collections) a description, will no longer be automatically published in Research Data Australia (as stated in our Research Data Australia Collection Description Quality Policy).

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