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03 October 2014

Hi all,
Service Release 13.3 is scheduled for implementation on Wednesday, 8th October 2014 from 8:00AM to 12:00PM (AEDT).

The following services are impacted:
  • ANDS Collections Registry
  • Research Data Australia
  • Cite My Data (DOI service)
  • Identify My Data (Handle service)
A soft release on Demo will happen on Tuesday, 7th October.
Release 13.3 is a small service release to address some minor issues raised through the Service Desk.  This service release includes the following changes:

Research Data Australia:
  • Fixed bug with ANDS Suggested Links for Matching Identifiers where the links give you a blank Connections Explorer page 
  • Citation Display in RDA:
    • Changed 'How to cite this collection' heading  to Suggested Citation" in the collection record view page in RDA (
    • Changed how citation is displayed in RDA. Full Citation will now take precedence in RDA if both fullCitation (citation blurb) and CitationMetadata (structured citation) are provided
    • Contributor Sequence attribute in citationMetata is now used to order contributors in RDA display 
  • RDA Exact Phrase Search changes to improve search results 
  • Fixed a bug in RDA where a Temporal Date was not being displayed if a value  of '1970-01-01T00:00:00Z" is used 
  • Tweaks to the RDA Site Map to improve SEO
ANDS Collections Registry:
  • Fixed bug where '...' was being added to the originatingSource value of manually edited records
  • Fixed bug where the 'Date Last Changed' of a record was being updated even if a record didn't change between harvests 
  •  Removed super user restriction on Harvest Provider Type dropdown in the Edit Settings page 
  • Hid the 'Add New Datasource' button for non-superuser roles   
  • Minor enhancements to the Roles Management interface in the registry
  • Added a comma to the start of the Funding Agency for EndNote export 
  • Update to the RIF-CS Java API to support RIF-CS 1.5 
  • Improvements to ANDS Services infrastructure as part of Phase 1 of the High Availability and Documentation (HAD) Project
An email will be sent out to ANDS partners and users tomorrow.   If you have any question or feedback, please email  Thank you.


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