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Release 41 of ARDC Online Services is scheduled for implementation on  Tuesday 22 June 2021, between 8am and 12pm AEST. This release implements a number of enhancements and bug fixes to Research Data Australia and the Handle service . Below is the list of all the changes planned for this release.

Research Data Australia

  • Modify RDA PureHarvester to ensure that all types ofrecords can be harvested

  • Update RDA Harvester to change the default decoding standard from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8 
  • Update 'Thomson Reuters' to 'Clarivate' in the citation count hover text shown on collection view pages 
  • Enable the linking of identifiers which have been provided as both http/https 

Handle Service

  • Fix the issue that 'Export all PIDS as CSV' fails to export corresponding PIDs based on organisations.

During the implementation, the following serviceswill be intermittently unavailable:

  • Research Data Australia portal
  • RDA Registry

The following services are not impacted and will still be available during release implementation:

  • Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA)
  • RVA editor (PoolParty)
  • DOI service
  • DOI Resolution
  • Handle service
  • Handle Resolution
  • IGSN service
  • IGSN resolution

A soft release on Demo is happening on Monday 21 June 2021, between 8am and 12pm AEST. The following services will be intermittently unavailable during the soft release:

  • Research Data Australia portal and RDA Registry

Please schedule your activities accordingly. Feedback or comments should be sent to Thank you for your support.

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