Changes a value associated with an existing handle. Only the owner of the handle is able to modify a value and only types of DESC and URL are able to be modified. To obtain available indexes a call to the getHandle service will return all available values and their indexes.

Service Type:



handle (Mandatory)

The handle that is to have one of its values modified.

value (Mandatory)

The new value.

index (Mandatory)

The index of the value to modify. 

Example Request:

URL Value&index=2


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<request name="mint">
        <property name="appId" value="exampleAppID"/>
        <property name="sharedSecret" value="exampleSharedSecret"/>
        <property name="identifier" value="ExampleUser"/>
        <property name="authDomain" value="ExampleAuthDomain"/>

Example response:

<response type="success">
    <identifier handle="10378.2/12">
        <property index="1" type="URL" value="" />
        <property index="2" type="DESC" value="Changed Value" />
    <message type="user">Successfully modified handle value</message>