A tag is a word or phrase which is attached to one or more records to assist in grouping and discovery. Tags are stored separately from a record's RIF-CS to ensure they are persistent across harvests/imports. Tags are case insensitive meaning 'Oceans' is equal to 'oceans'.

Tags come in two flavors: 

Public Tags

Public tags are treated much like the subjects described in your records RIF-CS. They are both visible and searchable in Research Data Australia (RDA). Public tags are displayed on the record view page in RDA with a heading of "User Contributed Tags".

Who can add public tags?

Public tags can be added to your records by two groups of users:

The use of meaningful and descriptive Public tags will improve RDA's search accuracy, which will in turn assist users in discovering your records.

Secret Tags

Secret tags are mainly used to group records, making them easier to manage in the RDA Registry. Secret tags are not visible in Research Data Australia.

Who can add secret tags?

Theme Page Tags

Theme page tags are essentially secret tags. They are reserved tags which are used to group records for display with Theme Pages in RDA.

Who can add Theme Page tags?

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