ANDS Online Services Release 25 will be implemented on Wednesday 11 October 2017 from 8:00am to 12:00pm ADST. During the implementation the following services are impacted:

Affected services

Unaffected services

Please find below the summary of all Release 25 changes with an overview of who, what and how the changes will impact our users.

Research Data Australia (RDA)

Change. Correct the display title for party records with both 'superior' and 'subordinate' primary name parts

Change. Update the Temporal search filter behaviour to be inclusive

Change. Remove unnecessary javascript causing unexpected scroll behavior

Change. Fix issue where access points for collections are being duplicated under the Go To Data Provider button on the view page

Change. Ensure RDA URLs with only the ID are resolved to the full URL

Research Vocabularies Australia (RVA)

Change. Correctly display related entity URLs and identifiers in the related entity preview pop-out on the vocabulary view page

Change. Clean-up of existing Sesame repository on re-import of a vocabulary version

RDA Registry

Change. Display a user-friendly version of the development changelog on the Online Services Homepage.


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