Q4 2017

Data Services Discovery - Demonstrator

(completed 6 Dec 2017)

ORCID-RDA Integration upgrade 

(completed 6 Dec 2017)

Upgrade ORCID Works Export functionality to use the new ORCID API to v2.0 to ensure the continuity of the integration service.  The older version of ORCID API (v1.2) will be decommissioned by the end of 2017.

DOI Service maintenance

(completed 6 Dec 2017)

Update DOI manual entry screen to support the latest DataCite Schema, v4.1.

Search engine optimisation

(completed 6 Dec 2017)

Review and update Schema.org mapping for Collections and Services and update the  Schema.org metadata into JSON-LD to improve RDA records’ visibility and/or Google index ranking.

Q1 2018

Data Services Discovery Service - CSW Interface

From the analysis and testing conducted, choose the best CSW Interface option/solution and launch as a test/prototype service.

Research Data Australia

DOI Service maintenance

(completed 4 July 2018)

Handle Service authentication enhancement

(completed 3 May 2018)

Re-factor Research Vocabularies Australia

(completed 7 Mar 2018)

Q2 2018

Data Services Discovery - Production

(deferred to Q2 2019)

(completed 4 December 2018)

Launch a functionality to publish services in RDA Registry

Develop a simple manual entry form for publishing service descriptions into the RDA Registry.

Research Data Australia enhancement


Research Vocabularies Australia Notification

(completed 4 July 2018)

Implement a feature that allows vocabulary service users to register for alert notifications when new vocabularies are added or when there are updates to existing vocabularies.

Q3-Q4 2018

Research Data Australia new functionality

(deferred to Q2 2019)

Research Vocabularies Australia new functionality