ANDS Online Services Software Release 27 will be implemented on Wednesday, 7 March 2018, from 8:00AM to 12:00PM ADST.

The following services will be impacted during implementation:

Services intermittently unavailable:

Not impacted:

Please find below the summary of all Release 27 changes with an overview of who, what and how the changes will impact our users.

Research Data Australia (RDA)

Change: Update of the broken link on RDA About page's 'Become a contributor' link 

Change: Removal of 'Contact information' heading in RDA record display when contact information is not available 

Research Vocabularies Australia

Change: The canonical URL of the view page of a vocabulary has changed to be ID-based.

Change: The URL of the resource IRI resolution service is changing.

Change: View page: in the related entity panel's list of "More vocabularies related to xxx", the full list of related vocabularies is shown, not just one.

Change: View page: the popup for a related entity now includes its websites (URLs) and identifiers.

Change: CMS (add/edit) page: a subset of HTML elements is now officially supported and used in certain metadata fields: vocabulary description and note, and version note

Change: CMS page: when adding an access point to a version, an access point format can now only be entered for access point type = File (e.g., not for API/SPARQL). 

Change: CMS page: the related entity dialog has been substantially revised, to reflect the raising of related entities to "first class" objects.

Change: CMS page: the functionality to add a related vocabulary that is within RVA has been separated into a separate dialog. It is brought up by clicking the triangle at the right-hand side of the "Add a publisher" button, and selecting "Related Internal Vocabulary" from the dropdown.

Change: CMS page: removal of a file access point from a published version is now supported. 

Change: CMS page: when editing an existing published current version, there is now a switch to request a one-off re-harvest/re-import/re-publication of that version. The switch is off by default.

Change: CMS page: you can add/edit a draft, irrespective of whether the vocabulary has a current published or deprecated instance.

Change: Slug generation has been improved

Change: Fix display bug where version section is not shown if only superseded versions exist for a vocabulary 


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