Your test ( and production ( Fabrica account userIDs are the same with different prefixes assigned.

Keep in mind that DataCite’ test system is completely separate from production.

Accessing DataCite Fabrica


Login procedure

  1. Go to  (test:

  2. Click on the upper right hand corner of the screen and enter your account ID and password

  3. Once logged in, you will be presented with your Repository Dashboard which gives you:

The way the DataCite Fabrica system works is that there is no way to edit or update the organisation name or repository ID once it’s created. If there is a valid business need to change the organisation member ID and/or repository ID, the only way to do this is by creating  a new repository under a new  consortium organisation. DataCite would then transfer the DOIs and prefix from the old repository to the newly created account. Send an email to if you require a change in account ID.

You, however, can change your repository name when you are logged in to Fabrica.


Minting DOIs

Organisations are required to provide the minimum metadata requirements to mint a DOI. Below are the required metadata fields:

There are 2 ways to mint a DOI: 

Managing DOIs


DOI Broken Link Check

DataCite has a link checker service that periodically checks a random sampling of DOIs to verify that they still resolve to a valid URL and to gather other useful information about the metadata for DOIs registered with DataCite.

The link checker service runs automatically in the background, so there is nothing Members need to do and nothing they need to enable in order to benefit from the service.

The results of the link checker are displayed in DOI Fabrica at the bottom of each DOI record that has been checked.

Below is an example of a link checker result for one of the DOIs minted by ARDC: